German Shepherd puppies undergo significant physical changes during their first year of life.  Some of the most noticeable changes include their color and markings.  Take a look at the pictures below to see how our female, Jett, changed from puppy to adult.


Baby Jett

Here, Jett is about eight weeks old.  Her ears don't stand fully erect on their own just yet.  And while Jett is already identifiable as a black-and-tan puppy, her coat at this age is still mostly black, something that will change more and more over time.


Still A Baby, But Growing

Here, you can see that one ear has straightened out, while the other is still trying to catch up.  Her coloration is very slightly lighter, but has a long way to go before reaching the markings she now has as an adult.


Changes Happen Quickly

Within just a few days of the last picture, Jett's ears are now both fully erect.  She is growing taller, too, though it's hard to tell in this position.


Now She's All Ears

The ears are up, but not quite ready to stand on their own!



A Gangly Teenager

See how her coloration has changed? Mostly black has given way to a true black-and-tan coat.  Look at the difference in her face - how black has changed to tan.  It's most noticeable on her forehead.



Jett's All Grown Up Now

Look at the changes that have taken place in Jett's coat color alone from puppyhood to adulthood - dramatic and perfect all at the same time!