Cute DOG & Puppy Videos


German Shepherd Puppy Playing Ball in Yard

Slow-Motion Video of German Shepherd Puppy Running in Yard

First Day Outside for Litter of German Shepherd Puppies

Rex Dives for His Toy in Pool

German Shepherd Puppy Running in Yard in Slow Motion

One of our Puppy Buyers Doing a GREAT Job with Training!

So many people have asked us to post videos of our puppies being born. Here is the first of three videos as Abbey delivered her beautiful litter of seven puppies on April 13, 2019. This video doesn’t show the birth, just the first three puppies and some contractions.

WARNING: GRAPHIC — This is the second video in the birth-process trilogy! This is Abbey delivering one of her puppies. Normally, they are in an amniotic sac, but the sac had burst just before she delivered this one. There were no problems at all and both mother and puppy are fine!

This is the third video in the birth-process trilogy. Abbey has finished delivering her puppies and is taking a much needed rest while the beautiful, wiggly babies are drinking their mother’s milk. (Don’t worry about the little one at the back; it had already had some milk and was full and content!)

Happy German Shepherd chasing toy into the swimming pool.

Trusted Guardian German Shepherd Puppies Learning to Use the Doggy Door at Five Weeks Old