We have just one male German Shepherd in our breeding program today - Rex. We selected Rex as our stud dog because of his fabulous and unique personality, and of course his rugged, masculine good looks. Rex is a black-and-tan regular stock coat AKC German Shepherd with a high prey, retrieving and hunting drive and an affinity for airborne scents and tracking. 

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Rex is clearly a beautiful German Shepherd.  He is muscular and well-toned.  He is courageous, alert, active, agile and eager. While always ready for action, Rex has a steady temperament and his response to any situation is tempered and calculated.


Rex LOVES to play ball.  And frisbee. And stick. And, well, anything you want to throw.  He is determined to "catch" whatever you have asked him to chase. This means he has a high "prey drive," something that "dog people" consider an important quality for police, protection and search-and-rescue work because it means he is laser focused on the goal of retrieving that object - simply because we asked him to do so.


No matter how many times you throw it, he is equally excited to go get it and bring it back because doing so makes him a winner - and he knows it.  Importantly, though, while the thrill of the chase is ultra important to him, having a high "prey drive" does not mean Rex is destructive or out of control. Some people excuse bad behavior as a "drive," and the two are never synonymous.  With Rex, a high prey drive simply means he is driven to do what we ask by the reward of catching the ball. Rex only chases "allowed" objects - not our kids, our friends, or our farm animals.

Maximus Esquire Vom Moya (aka “Rex”)

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